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Best UPSC Coaching In Delhi | Shaan Academy

Are you looking for an extra ordinary UPSC coaching in Delhi? Do you find stuck after studying? Are you struggling with your studies? Do you find it difficult to prepare for the mains and interviews? Get the IAS coaching in Delhi with Shaan Academy and crack your exam confidently.

Shaan Academy is the most preferred destination for civil services aspirants. We take pride in turning your hopes and dreams into reality. We are the best  IAS coaching in Delhi provides intensive instruction and specially designed courses to assist hopefuls in achieving amazing achievements. The academy provides comprehensive preparation for the Prelims, Mains, and Interview. 

This is the area where applicants not only learn the complexities of UPSC, but also see behavioural changes in their personality and attitude, owing partly to the competitive milieu seen on the streets of coaching centres. Without a doubt, Shaan Academy is one of the best IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi. The reason for this, we believe, is due to several distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from the competition.


Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Best Faculty

Shaan Academy is fortunate to have a group of experienced, energetic, and efficient faculty members who are dedicated to shaping the future of the country’s bureaucracy.
They are well-versed in the dynamics of the UPSC Syllabus and so grasp the significance of each topic. They tend to instil the same values in their students. Our professors’ study methods and approaches assist students build a comprehensive understanding of the topics, giving them an advantage over their peers.

Study Materials

The appropriate books and study tools are essential for any student attempting to navigate the complexities of the UPSC. We realise our obligation in this regard and, as a result, create cutting-edge study resources for both Prelims and Mains for our students. We ensure that the materials offered are continuously updated and conform to the UPSC pattern’s ever-changing trends. Rest certain that our quarterly current affairs publications cover all of the significant and hot issues, both national and worldwide, that are likely to be questioned in the actual tests.

We turn our students into the fine personality that cannot just crack the UPSC exams through UPSC coaching in Delhi but also be the leader in the country and make their loved ones feel pride. Our students stand out unique infront of the crowd.

UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Your Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

UPSC conducts national level competitive exams for recruitment to the IAS, IFS, IPS, and other central services through Civil Services Examinations. The selection procedure is divided into three stages: prelims (objective type), main (subjective type), and personality test (Interview).

Our Live Classes assist UPSC-IAS students in finding the best UPSC online courses. Our specialists offer the best UPSC coaching in Delhi based on time-tested standards. We offer year-long structured online lessons for UPSC and UPSC preparation at low Online IAS Coaching Fees, with a special session for clearing doubts, ensuring that neither you nor the topics go unnoticed.

Your Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Shaan Academy’s live courses are a one-of-a-kind learning platform that combines online classes, recorded video lectures, and online test series programmes for UPSC preparation. It is one of the most advanced Online IAS Coaching learning processes for Complete UPSC Syllabus Coverage via Structured Online Classes, Practice Tests, Current Affairs Quizzes, and Other Resources. Join Live Classes today to learn from the world’s best mentors anywhere and whenever you choose.

IAS Institute In Delhi

Are you looking for the best UPSC Institute in Delhi to help you prepare for your exams the best way possible? If so, you have come to the right place for the UPSC Institute in Delhi. At Shaan Academy, we promise to give you the best preparation guidance and assistance for your upcoming examinations.

Why us for UPSC coaching in Delhi?

We are the most reputable institute   and the best IAS coaching in Delhi, preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all three tiers: the UPSC Preliminary Test, UPSC Main Examination, and Personality Test. We guarantee that you will succeed on your exam the with our specific Courses, assistance, and support.

Latest Courses

  • Interview Program for UPSC

Elite Personal Sitting and Mock Interview Sessions. Every year, the number of applicants chosen for the Personality Test is about 2.2 times the number of positions announced in the UPSC’s advertisement. If a candidate’s performance on the main exam determines whether they are accepted into the Civil Services or not, then the candidate’s performance in the interview will ultimately determine the service they will likely join. The interview therefore plays a very important part in determining if an applicant can acquire the job he wants, even though the maximum interview score is 275.

  • G.S. Course for UPSC

Live online classes for the UPSC General Studies to assist in preparation while at home. Students in this General Studies course would be able to participate in fully-fledged online LIVE General Studies classes and experience classroom instruction.

  • Subject test series for UPSC

A trustworthy self-evaluation tool to determine where you stand in the competition and the areas that need to be improved upon to achieve the desired score is the UPSC test series. The best way to improve your score on the following UPSC mock test is to evaluate your performance after each one and make the necessary adjustments.

Only after carefully considering the syllabus, exam format, and most recent question trends. You can prepare for the next UPSC Examinations, including the UPSC IAS, by taking practise tests (CSE). The UPSC test series are meticulously created following a rigorous analysis of the syllabus, exam format, and current question trends. Try the free sample exams and test series for UPSC CSE – GS selected by our educators to help you prepare.

  • Classroom Course program for UPSC

Our flagship UPSC classroom course is a complete 12-month full-time UPSC programme in which we mentor aspirants for the IAS position from the ground up and instruct them on every facet of the Civil Services Examination. This course consists of in-person lectures, reading materials, and a series of UPSC exams.

Question of the day

Take into consideration the following claims regarding black corals.

  1. Off the coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea are home to black corals.
  2. They are filter feeders and consume the abundant microscopic zooplankton in deep waters.
  3. Only deep waters contain them; shallow waters are inhospitable to them.

They serve as crucial habitats where fish and invertebrates eat and protect themselves from predators.

What statement or statements above are true?

  1. a) 2, 3, 4
  2. b) 1, 2, 4
  3. c) 1, 3, 4
  4. d) 1, 2, 3, 4

Our top Courses for UPSC/IAS preparation

UPSC /IAS Courses TypeExam
Classroom Course programOffline /onlinePrelims and mains
Weekend Course programOffline /onlinePrelims and mains
Online course programOnlinePrelims and mains
Correspondence course programOffline /onlinePrelims and mains
Test series programOffline /onlinePrelims and mains
Interview guidanceOffline /onlinePersonality test

Did you know?

Shaan Academy students contribute to more than 30% of the officers recruited by the UPSC Civil Services Examination each year.

Shaan Academy app

The Best UPSC Civil Services App for Preparation.

1+ million downloads

  • Daily Multiple-Choice Questions tests : Daily MCQs, which have been specifically chosen with the UPSC CSE’s scope in mind, can help you prepare for the exam.
  • Everyday current affairs : Daily Current Affairs, which have been specifically chosen with the UPSC CSE’s scope in mind, can help you prepare for the examination.
  • Preliminary test sequence : prelims test series, which have been specifically drafted with the UPSC CSE’s scope in mind, can help you prepare for the exam.
  • Test series for mains : Test series for mains, which have been specifically drafted with the UPSC CSE’s scope in mind, can help you prepare for the examination.
  • Live lectures : Experience live classes which have been specifically conducted with the UPSC CSE’s scope in mind that can help you prepare for the exam.
  • Practice Writing Answers : practice how to write answer in the best possible way to secure yourself in the topper’s list.

Structure of Classroom Courses for UPSC

Our premium UPSC classroom program is a complete 12-month full-time UPSC curriculum in which we mentor aspirants for the IAS position from the ground up and instruct them on every facet of the Civil Services Examination. This course consists of in-person lectures, reading materials, and a series of UPSC exams.

Three sessions begin each year, the first in May, the second in July, and the final session in the third week of August, all of which are held in Delhi. The three sessions emphasise the Civil Services Aptitude Test, Optional Subjects, and General Studies (Preliminary and Main) (CSAT). There will be lectures in the classroom, notes, study materials and tests during this course.

Test series for UPSC

For both the UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Exams, we provide test series programmes.

  • General Studies for UPSC Preliminary Test Series: We administer the “UPSC Prelim Test Series” for Civil Services, which consists of 14 weeks’ worth of GS and CSAT objective-type exams. Prior to the Prelim exam, it starts in December and ends in April. The “Prelim Test Series” offers the candidates a number of advantages. It encourages a candidate to prepare with discipline, focus, and consistency.
  • The UPSC Main Exam Test Series is conducted in a clever manner; the current students (regular batch students of the General Studies Prelim-cum-Main batch) participate in Online Answer Writing Practice, which entails at least four sessions in which they write answers and upload them to the Institute website using their login portal. In order to teach and practise the response writing skills needed specifically for the civil services test, we arrange answer writing practises for our students.

Postal Courses for UPSC

The majority of the many topics in the UPSC Civil Service Syllabus are covered in several books (volumes). Periodically as they are updated and produced, the books will be delivered. The content will typically be handed out in 5- 6 instalments up until the month of April. The total number of printed pages will be close to 5,000. The General Studies (Prelim-cum-Main) material will include Currents Affairs Months Magazines.

  • General Studies for UPSC (Prelim-cum-Main)
  • Subject Matter
  • Magazine on current events
  • Materials for aptitude tests (CSAT)
  • Books on Public Administration

Interview guidance for IAS / UPSC

Every year, in the first week of December, we help prepare students who have taken the Main exam in October an interview preparation lecture on “How to Prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Interview.”

A week after the primary exam results are released, the main interview programmes start. Four seminars, two mock interviews, and a one-on-one sitting session make up the curriculum.

A applicant has the option to participate in any or all of the interview programmes, based on the day that the UPSC has scheduled for his interview.

Our approach to our aspirants

To increase your chances of selection, Shaan Academy uses a tried-and-true teaching methodology that has been established and improved through time. We at Shaan Academy update our study materials and teaching methods frequently to incorporate new ideas for a better comprehension of the candidates and to meet the needs of the Aspirants. In addition to that, we make an effort to give each candidate individual attention.

  • strong faculty staff
  • complete learning materials
  • test series
  • small batch size
  • full examination exposure

Know about us for best UPSC Institute in Delhi

We are the most reputable institute   and the best UPSC Institute in Delhi, preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination at all three tiers: the UPSC Preliminary Test, UPSC Main Examination, and Personality Test. We guarantee that you will succeed on your exam the with our specific Courses, assistance, and support.

Over 5000 students have received assistance from the Institute to join the Civil Services, which includes the IAS, IFS, IPS, and other Central Services. Every year, a couple of our students are elected as one of the top ten candidates. The Institute’s teaching staff is made up of highly qualified and experienced professors from Central Universities and other prominent Institutes. Each topic normally includes a minimum of two teachers in order to provide high-quality education and guidance.  In order to create the reading materials for the correspondence courses, the Institute maintains a dedicated centre for correspondence education that employs the most cutting-edge distant learning techniques.

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi | NOTICE MAINS 2022

UPSC Essay paper 2022

Like last year UPSC has again asked all 8 abstract essays to check the diversity of knowledge and understanding of the topics



We at SHAAN Best IAS Coaching in Delhi Academy has discussed the approach of this essay in detail in following videos. Also our class discussions has proved beneficial for the same.
The 2022 mains essay paper has again followed the same trend of all 8 abstract essays. We under our essay writing series has talked in length about how to tackle such essays.

IAS EXAM 2022-23

Online courses


All over Online courses will be available. Weekly targets according to the strength and weakness of individuals.

Offline courses


All over Offline courses will be available. Daily Answer writing Combined With frequent Objective Tests.

Best UPSC Coaching In Delhi

WHO WE ARE | Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

We ardently believe in an Individual Approach of Teaching and so our batches are limited to small no. students. Shaan Academy IAS Coaching in Delhi, Through systematic guidance and student-centric curriculum with daily and weekly assignments, we nurture our capable aspirants to explore their full potential. We prepare our students through an integrated Prelims & Mains Approach with a specific focus on improving their analytical and articulation skills. Our students are equipped with a time optimization strategy to enable them ample time to tackle the comprehensive UPSC syllabus.

  • Limited Batch Size
  • Skill Mapping
  • Individual Targets
  • One-on-one sessions with faculty
  • Redefining the experience of online learning
  • Enhanced plan for working and college going aspirants

Know More

  • Breaking silos between subjects
  • Specialized weekend sessions
  • News linking with static
  • Daily classroom discussions
  • Knowledge Diversification learning
  • Integrated Prep for Pre+Mains+interview

Know More

  • Training how to think
  • Reading speed
  • Articulation skills
  • Writing skills
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Know More

  • Content Driven by current Events
  • UPSC centric dynamic content
  • Driven by national and international agenda

Know More

  • Limited Batch Size
  • Skill Mapping
  • Individual Targets
  • One-on-one sessions with faculty
  • Redefining the experience of online learning
  • Enhanced plan for working and college going aspirants

Know More

  • Inculcating constitutional ethos
  • Know your country
  • Being SDG relevant
  • Mastering current affairs with PIB
  • Syllabus driven team debates
  • Meeting Eminent Personalities

Know More

DEBATES | UPSC Coaching In Delhi

As we are SHAAN Best UPSC, IAS Coaching in Delhi, conduct debate on important and current topics in class, our idea is to cover the topic holistically. In 2021 mains our debates has given rich dividends. Here are testimonials with questions of mains and video of debates. 


Frequently Asked Questions

In general, IAS coaching in Delhi will coast you upto 2 lakhs INR. At Shaan Academy we have affordable packages for all our aspirants who want to get admission in Shaan Acdemy and do IAS coaching in Delhi with the best course, live sessions, frequent mock tests and interviews.

During lockdown, the UPSC coaching in Delhi were through online tutoring but since everything is on track all the coaching institute have started with great enthusiasm and with advanced courses to provide you with the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

There  are n number of IAS coaching in Delhi and you can choose anyone. But to make an effective choice go through the modules, take demo, free consultation, mock test frequency, class duration, and fees structure before you get enrolled in any of the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

Although there are many IAS coaching in Delhi Shaan Academy has a list of many successful students every year. You can check out our testimonials and talk to our previous students for live mentoring, doubt clearing sessions anytime, and anywhere. We have experienced teachers who don’t just teach but provide an expeirence which completely changes the life of the aspirants by fulfilling their dreams of getting a decent IAS job and position.

If you are looking for UPSC classes through which you can prepare yourself well and have high chances of getting selected Delhi is the best option. Delhi is quite convenient when it comes to study, from the perspective of comfort in food, expenses and staying. Shaan Acdemy has keep up the dream of many and fulfilled the expectations of students who aspire to work for civil services by providing the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. 

Finding IAS coaching in Delhi for english medium is so easy. You can get a list of coaching centres in Delhi which can prepare you well for the UPSC coaching in Delhi if you search for the list. Choose from the top list of coaching centres and take demo classes to have an indepth knowledge of how it can help you in making your dream come true. You can check out the reviews to know about which is better. Also, check quora for the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Shaan Academy is the best institute which provide the IAS preparations in english to its IAS aspirants.

For english medium the best IAS coaching in Delhi is Shaan Academy with professional teachers having an expertise in their domain. The institute provides students with cheap IAS training to assist them pass the IAS prelims and mains exams. Our experts provide you an in depth knowledge with the subjects through live classes, doubt clearing sessions, mock interviews and personality grooming for the interviews. You will be given the perfect classes of all the subjects in english by our professional tutors and mentors. 

If you looking for a new batch UPSC coahing in Delhi then at Shaan Academy you can get the best UPSC coaching classes with all the new batches. Follow us on our social media handles, check out our website for any update of new batch. However, the month of December is the best to get enrolled in new batch of Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

Shaan Academy is the best and famous IAS coaching institute and hold 1 rank in the list of Top IAS Coaching in Delhi. Shaan Academy is most popular IAS Coaching in the region by giving the best IAS preliminary, mains and interview preparations. Many IAS Examination Aspirants have Rated Shaan Academy IAS Coaching as Best IAS Coaching in 2023.

Shaan Academy is the best institute for IAS coaching in Delhi if you are aspiring for IAS. Make your dream come true by getting enrolled with the best IAS coaching providers. We don’t just mentor we create a life changing experience at Shaan.


Sir puts 100% effort from his side, it's now up-to us...I would highly recommend others if they are serious about their preparation and looking for guidance. Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi, I would like to come back to this page and provide new feedback after this year's exam. All the best everyone and do good.
Teaching staff is highly experienced and the presentation of their lectures is very simple & easy to understand. It’s not like the teachers in some institutes who are brilliant in their subjects, but cannot explain the topic in a way student can comprehend easily. The quality of study materials provided by the institute is meticulously designed. Shaan Academy (Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi)
This place will help you find so many unexplored aspects of your character. IAS Coaching in Delhi, I have been here for the last 5 months and the best thing I gained here is the conviction that I can clear UPSC. Separate batch for working people, demo classes, lucid and highly systematic teaching methodology is the USP.
I Joined Shaan on the very next when the idea of preparing for UPSC barely came into my mind... I am not sure how serious and sure I was about it... I have never been a studious person... I was always an average student who used to run from studies... After joining Shaan UPSC Coaching in Delhi, I can say that I enjoy studying and now I am sure that I want to do it...