A nation is made up of its people but a nation’s conscience is based on its history. Essay 1250 words, 125 marks

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    Baba saheb Ambedkar once travelled from his village to Nagpur to meet his father he was well dressed with shoes despite it the cart man asked him about his caste and when he told him that he is untouchable cart man denied to ride his vehicle for him finally cart man agreed when baba saheb agreed to give him double fair and self ride for himself .The cart man travelled the whole distance on foot because he didn’t want to sit with an untouchable …and the story is still relevant in the current phase where castism untouchability still prevalent even after such reforms this story baba Saheb narrated in his book’ waiting for visa’
    The story tell us the castism untouchability is become the people’s conscience because its roots are in history we all are indians make our nation but still nation’s conscience is based on the historical norms we are diverted on the basis of religion, cast, colour and class we don’t have any idea about these norms and stratification criteria when we born ,we all learn these things from our society and conscience is the voice of one’s inner mind
    Privileges & principles -(social perspective)
    Both man and woman equally represents the nation and equally build it but still the historical perspective and mindset is patriarchal based women is not adequately addressed and it becomes the part of society’s conscience mind . Even after a lot of constitutional provisions , laws and acts like Hindu’s law of succession women is still inferior and its roots are also somewhere in history even our epic Mahabharata also told us the story of what position of women was in society so the nation is norms product and patriarchal principles oriented
    (Elite and marginalized) Economic perspective:-
    in the ancient times the society was stratified also on the basis of classes like King then assembly members then middle class and then slaves. society is more or less divided on the basis of wealth and power’s theory so all the classes and people from all stratas made society but its conscience is based on historical norms
    human consciousness and values:-
    Human consciousness and values are definitely decided by our past experience perception and understanding past in this context is not limited it is believed that our values and beliefs is dependent on how much in depth knowledge we explored we must change the norms of society there is no point of waiting and wishing it would happen
    Conscience is the voice of inner mind it depends on one’s own moral that it is right or wrong – Mahatma Gandhi ….We can not change what happen in past but we must not derive ourselves on past’s lines a nation is made of its people and it’s history and culture must be followed but with ethics our nation’s conscience must rests on morality and good values