Comment on Lumpy skin disease and steps taken to curb it. 10/150

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    Lumpy skin disease infecting India’s bovines and reported first time in india caused by poxvirus lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV). an insect act as vector for spreading the virus
    symptoms :- Nodules around the neck and head,fever and loss in Production of milk
    treatment-: 1. no specific treatment is available but inflammatory pain killers can be used to treat
    2. According to food and agriculture organization (FAO) the mortality rate is 10 %
    impact-: 1. reduction in Production of milk but according to Amul’s recent report no effect on milk production
    2. divesting impact on dairy sectors specially in gujrat and Haryana milk prone areas
    way forwards to crub LSD :-
    1. LSD discovered in Africa and west asia but now become endemic to those countries so we must follow their strategy
    2. india has largest 300 million cattle heads and largest pharmaceutical industry country can handle it easily
    3. using insect sprays infection can controlled
    conclusion:- With in 1 year LSD spread in 15 states and become a metter of concern for India’s dairy farms so govt. must provide proper vaccination free of cost and awareness about precautions must be ensured to the farmers by concerned area’s vertinary doctors