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Bateshwar Is A Temple Town of Lord Shiva

Bateshwar Is A Temple Town of Lord Shiva

Bateshwar is a temple town, located on the bank of Yamuna River. The name comes from Vateshwarnathji, another name for Lord Shiva who is the presiding god of this holy town. Once upon a time, about 101 temples existed in this town. However, with the passage of time, only 42 or so have managed to survive. About 400 years ago, the famous Raja Badan Singh of the Bhadawar dynasty moved from Mai to Bateshwar. It was him who commissioned and completed the construction of several temples that stand in Bateshwar today.

This historic town also finds a mention in Hindu scriptures like Matsya Purana, Ramayana, Mahabharata, and even the Jain holy texts.

Bateshwar is a feast for the eyes for its river ghats dotted with several temples. Many of these shrines have retained their lovely frescos in their original form painted with traditional vegetable dyes. The journey to Bateshwar involves coursing through the sand dunes of Chambal that offers amazing views, more so, during the monsoon.


What makes Bateshwar worth visiting?

Bateshwar is renowned for its annual Cattle Fair, which is as old as 400 years. It is organised between Bateshwar and Mai, and at the same place it was earmarked by Raja Badan Singh in his lifetime. This fair is believed to be the biggest Cattle Fair in north India.


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