Daily MCQ 09.07.22

Welcome to your Daily MCQ 09.07.22

. Only Indian State where Felsite is produced.
Incorrect statements 1.Kalabrahas were patronisers of both Buddhism and Jainism 2.Under the Kalabrahas, Kanchi was made centre of Jainism while Madurai was made centre of Buddhism 3.They promoted wider usage of Sanskrit in Tamil Nadu
Corrects statements about Pulakesin I 1.He is the founder of the Chalukya dynasty 2.He defeated the Pallava king, Mahendravarman I 3.He enjoyed the titles of Satyairaya and Ranavikrama
Man and Biosphere (MAB) is an intergovernmental scientific programme launched by:
With respect to art 29 It provides for protection of minorities having distinct script, culture and language A section from majority having distinct script, culture and language can claim art 29 Admission cant be denied on grounds of religion to all citizens in state funded Els

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