Daily MCQ14.07.22

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Observe the statements about Dhokra art - A. A metal casting tradition named after a tribe Dhokra damar. B. Dancing girl from mohenjodaro is oldest example of dhokra art. C. It is a ancient lost wax technique that relies on use of ferrous metals (iron). Choose the correct statement-
Choose the correct statement-
Choose the correct statement -
Observe the statements- A. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme beneficiaries under the Scheme are children in the age group of 0-14 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers. B. Scheme also tries to reduce school dropouts. C. SNEHA SHIVIRs are a component under ICDS intended to promote community based approach for the prevention and management of moderate and severe under nutrition. Choose the right answer-
Choose the correct statements -

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