India’s first online skill driven UPSC preparation module at SHAAN IAS academy . When a student join our class room programme in online mode our first objective is to help aspirant understand exam’s needs and himself through various online counselling sessions with faculty. After this basic exercise the aspirant and faculty both are better equipped to chart out preparation strategy on case to case basis, especially for working professionals. If any disconnect felt by online aspirant then he can call for a one on one online session with faculty directly. In this case,aspirant and teacher sit together in online mode to discuss the schedule of the student and accordingly give a weekly plan to each student. Online students had to necessarily share his/her record of the activities done in the day with the teacher so that the teacher can calculate the time taken by him/her for completing a book; time taken for them to understand and process the information. The teacher maintains an performance tracker of every individual student present online.Performance tracker keeps teacher aware about every student’s real time growth rate during the course of their online preparation.

Answer writing is a very important exercise during the preparation, keeping this in mind special exercise has been started by our institute, in which online students can submit their daily answers on our site. Faculty will review their answers online and send them necessary feedback daily.

As Shaan focuses on holistic development of every student since day one. Debates are conducted in both online and offline mode and form very crucial part of our preparation strategy. They are conducted in a way to make an aspirant ready for the interview. Debates are very helpful in improving one’s articulation of their knowledge, self awareness, spontaneous thinking and also work as a confidence booster specially for online aspirant.

SHAAN IAS academy plans online preparation course of college going students meticulously from all over India . Most of college students face problems in managing preparation and college. Here at SHAAN IAS class room programme, we work closely with college going students in a way that they find convergences between college and online UPSC preparation, suggesting/recommending internships and other things to ensure their learning curve doesn’t stop while being in preparation. We specifically provide 2 year and 3 year courses for college going students in SHAAN IAS Academy to make them exam ready, when they step out from college.

The skills we map in online students are- 1. Syllabus awareness 2. Reading speed 3. Concentration span 4. Analytical skills 5. Writing skills 6. Speaking skills 7. Time management
Various activities the student go through- • Debates • States & UTs • Test series • International organisations • Schemes • Notes • Current affairs • Newspaper & PIB • Books and summary

This all help the student go through an intense process where the student can handle the essay paper and GS paper with great ease this process creates a spontaneous thinking capacity in the students without being confused about the examples to quote in the paper. Interlinking between syllabus makes it easier so that the student would never have a pen struck feeling.
Online students are given same preference and online students never feel left out in any condition. Students who are handling with their job/ degree never feel getting behind the syllabus in any condition.
UPSC is not an exam it is a test for making students prepared for fulfilling their future duties as a civil servant. Being an aspirant and preparation for the exam is the first test for the student’s patience and determination. Choose a teacher wisely who will be with you throughout the journey.