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Triable Janjati – Baiga Janjati, Sahariya Janjati, Bheel Janjati

Baiga Janjati

Baiga Janjati

  • They live in districts- Mandla, Balaghat, Durg, Bilaspur and Shahdol.
  • Most of the people are of black colour, long hair, strong body and tattoos on body.
  • 55% of this janjati are engaged in agriculture directly or indirectly. Also they sell honey in market after taking from the forest.
  • Baiga Development Authority – for their development give facilities for education, health and Technology.
  • Today also theydo hunting and animal husbandry also.
  • Commonly men of this janjati wear bundy and Pataka.
  • Folk songs- Karma, Dadariya, Jharpat etc
  • Musical instruments are are Nagara, Flute, Turahi and Tambura
  • Dances– Karma, Shaila and Reena.
  • Unlike the customary tradition , in Baiga the celebratory procession escorts the bride to the site of the wedding.
  • Bride is called Turi and groom is called Tura.
  • In this janjati on birth of child, head of village is invited and with wine rituals is being done.
  • They sell and buy their product of forest in Haat Bazar every week.
  • They worship Chandi, Narayan Dev etc
  • All of them follow Sanatan Dharma
  • Important festivals are Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja etc
  • Shiksha guarantee Yojana by Madhya Pradesh government under which toprovide education to all deprived section of the society.
  • Self help groups are there in Baiga women for their self-development.


Sahariya Janjati

Sahariya Janjati

  • They live in Saharana means group so they are called Sahariya.
  • They make Bidis using Tendu leaves.
  • They only eat once in a day.
  • During harvesting period education of children got impacted.
  • For teaching Sahariya janjati Sahariya teachers are only there.
  • Languages– Awadhi, Braj, Hindi etc.
  • They worship Bhagwan and believe they are creators of world.
  • Mainly they worship Ganesh Ji, Hanuman Ji and Sheetla Mata.
  • They are being oppressed by moneylenders.
  • Government is working for their self-reliance by Sahariya Vikas Yojana


Bheel Janjati

  • They are fighters clan.
  • In the Battle of Haldighati they played an important role with Maharana Pratap.
  • They use to wear earrings of silver.

Bheel Janjati

  • They believe in Super Natural phenomena.
  • They celebrate Raksha Bandhan with full enthusiasm.
  • First they try to solve the problem in their own community but in extreme case they went to police station or courts.
  • Today they are taking benefits of government benefits in occupation.
  • They do agriculture and animal husbandry they also do fish farming also making farmpond in farm fields.



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